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          GreenFresh Group has an experienced technical team and independent R&D center, by using natural seaweed extracts and other high quality ingredients, we provide high quality and safe products and customized solutions to customers.



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          tips Matcha & Meat aroma, good news of matcha-lovers is coming
          Matcha & Meat aroma,  good news of matcha-lovers is coming Do you know that? The Matcha & Meat Dream collaboration is here! Greenfresh brings you a different creative combination: the matcha series of meat product applications! Integrate the aroma of matcha tea into the meat, a mouthful of juicy meat with a hint of tea aroma blooms on your taste buds~ Matcha bakemeat Product Features ·obvious grainy meat texture ·increase elasticity and toughness ·fresh aroma to cleanse the palate   Matcha sausage Product Features ·matcha aroma ·strong juiciness ·cleanse your palate ·with good meaty texture   Matcha + meat products = (?) Equivalent to the matcha series of meat product applications developed by Greenfresh! The clean and refreshing aroma with sweet after taste of matcha tea, paired with high fat content meat paste, achieve today’s delicious goal~           Greenfresh is always guided by customer needs. We focus on providing customers with professional and comprehensive customized application solutions. Meanwhile, we continue to create value for customers and join hands with them.          Welcome all of our customers to contact us!
          Nov 20, 2023
          tips Welcome Begining of Winter, Greenfresh Enjoy a Warm Hotpot with You!
          Welcome Begining of Winter, Greenfresh Enjoy a Warm Hotpot with You! “Winter, the end, the storage of everything”. Beginning of winter quietly opens the end of fall and the prelude to winter. It is the first solar term of winter. There is a proverb "Beginning of winter to fill the winter, fill the empty mouth". In China’s history, people who had worked for a year took a break from Beginning of winter to reward their family for their hard work. A special hotpot for Beginning of winter, accompanied by the slowly rising mist lingering on the dining table. With a sip of hot soup and a delicious taste, the hotpot will warm your stomach and your heart. Greenfresh’s Meat Product Solution--- ”hotpot partner” will accompany you to experience the different warmth of this Beginning of Winter~ Chicken gizzard rolls Product Features ·with good elasticity crispy mouthfeel         ·Improve firmness during cooking process   ·Enhance performance of transglutaminase  Mini sausage Product Features ·High cost performance         ·Combine well with starch      ·Form a thermally irreversible structures Plant-based meatballs Product Features ·Good elasticity              ·with good meaty texture ·It can significantly          improve the strength of  protein gel                    On the day of Beginning of winter, bring your relatives and friends to sit around the hotpot. Nothing a hotpot wouldn't fix! Greenfresh can provide you with customized solutions to meet your diverse needs. In this cold winter, let Greenfresh get rid of winter’s cold, brings you yummy and a warm tummy~
          Nov 08, 2023
          tips Taste Greenfresh Jelly & Pudding, Brings your truly Heart-Beating
          Taste Greenfresh Jelly & Pudding, Brings your truly Heart-Beating The elastic, soft, and tender jelly pudding, is not carrying your childhood memories? When you open this package, you will be greeted by a flavorful milky or fruity aroma. The smooth taste complements the self-matched jelly partner. Every bite of chewing brings memories and the pleasure of tasting into your heart, letting people release the dopamine that is unique to jelly pudding~ Greenfresh launches the following ready-to-eat jelly pudding solutions for you to enjoy jelly pudding anytime, anywhere! Ready-to-eat jelly As the water slowly pours along the wall of the cup, this ready-to-eat jelly powder spreads in and fully blends with the water. It also has a good dispersion performance! So you can enjoy delicious food in time without waiting. When tasting, you can feel the softness and elasticity of the jelly blooming on the tip of your tongue. Pair it with various sauces, fruits, tea companions, etc., and make your DIY jelly to create multiple tastes! Make your jelly journey more interesting and open up a new world of jelly~ Product Features ·Soluble in water             ·Tender texture               ·Good brewing dispersion Ready-to-eat pudding The ready-to-eat pudding powder, developed by Greenfresh, can be fully mixed with milk or water. At the same time, it can provide you with a double experience! After adding milk or water, the speed of dissolution is super fast, which can liberate your hands~ Whether it is homemade DIY pudding or direct taste... superposed, unlock diverse new scenes, and a variety of creative new combinations! Milk pudding The ready-to-eat pudding powder combined with milk is accompanied by a rich egg aroma, overflowing with milky aroma. When you taste it, it brings you a silky texture and a dense texture that melts in one sip, bringing back wonderful memories. Water pudding It contains NON-dairy creamer and egg powder. As the water is slowly poured in, the aroma of milk and eggs will fill your nose, evoking your pudding’s memories from the past to the present. Take a gentle bite, and you will feel the taste is as delicate as soybean pudding, one of the traditional foods from China. Meanwhile, the texture of this water pudding is soft and smooth. With the movement of swallowing, you can share the happiness of the moment. Product Features Water pudding powder ·Contains NON-dairy creamer                                               ·Good dispersion, easily soluble in water                               ·Delicate taste, soft and smooth texture, like soybean pudding Milk pudding powder ·Smooth taste and rich egg flavor                                ·Easy to dissolve and strong dispersion ability                ·Carrying heart-beating emotions and conveying full love. Greenfresh can provide you with exclusive instant jelly pudding powder to meet your diverse needs and provide customized solutions. Please allow us to enjoy the happiness of the moment with you in time~
          Nov 03, 2023
          tips Greenfresh At The Food Technology Summit & Expo
          Greenfresh At The Food Technology Summit & Expo Food Technology Summit & Expo was grandly opened in Mexico, on September 27, 2023. Greenfresh, as a professional manufacturer and service provider, was invited to participate in the exhibition. At this exhibition, Greenfresh brought products  such as carrageenan, agar, konjac gum as well as various solutions to meet all of our friends. Greenfresh's elite team greets every customer with high enthusiasm and professional service. At the same time, we will listen to customer needs attentively. Exhibition time September 27-28, 2023 Exhibition Hall Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City, Mexico Greenfresh Booth NO. 2616 Exhibition Highlight In response to customers' increasingly diversified, healthy, refined food needs and their emphasis on the sustainability of food production methods, Greenfresh has always been guided by customer needs. We are focusing on providing customers with professional and comprehensive customized solutions. Meanwhile, we will continue to  "go out" and "bring in" try to explore
          Sep 28, 2023
          tips Burn up Your Taste with Popping Beads and Enjoy Deliciousness
          Burn up Your Taste with Popping Beads and Enjoy Deliciousness Greenfresh topping application solution Popping beads as a one of the topping application, which has been paid attention to and supported by a large number of consumer groups. The latest heat-resistant topping application series developed by Greenfresh is popping beads. The outer layer of natural seaweed colloid contains a sweet filling. Each popping bead can withstand heat of ≥65℃. It can be inhaled into the mouth with the straw and the hot tea. One sip is super satisfying! Cheese popping beads:  full of real ingredients and cheeses fragrant Product features Contains 35% real cheese Real ingredients, full of cheese flavor! Each popping beads filling contains 35% real cheese. It is rich in high-calcium protein, vitamins and other nutrients. Breaks when you bite it lightly, rich in cheese aroma Good cheeses flavor release, popping if you take a bite! The joy of bursting juice fills your mouth with cheese flavor. High temperature resistance, stable quality I can give It can be baked at high temperatures and is suitable for hot drinks, baking and other products in autumn and winter. This  cheese popping bead is adding to product innovation. Ready to use after opening, convenient and efficient Ready to eat when you open, significantly improve efficiency! Make product production easier and more efficient, let you get a convenient application. Water-chestnut popping beads: crispy and fresh, let you never forget Product features Real material, real crispy Naturally ripe fresh water chestnuts are selected for the filling, which is crisp, delicious, sweet and juicy. Great looks, new taste When you take a sip, it will explode in 1 second. The soft and glutinous liquid gushed out, and you instantly experienced the feeling of joyful explosion on the tip of your tongue. 0 fat, light burden Natural raw materials and ingredients. Filling content ≥ 60%. The shape of water-chestnut popping beads is plump and round. High temperature resistance, super convenient It is ready to eat after opening the bag, no need for time-consuming reprocessing. It is suitable for both hot and cold, the taste is still crisp in hot drinks. Meanwhile, it does not break under high temperature. Multiple scenes, versatile It can be eaten directly or used as an auxiliary material to decorate. Also, it can be added to various drinks, desserts, pastries, baking and other delicacies to enhance the flavor and appearance. Red beans popping beads: eat out the sweetness and longing Product features Selected ingredients, high percent of real material It contains a whole red bean that has been steamed at high temperature and retained its intact form, making it plump, sweet and dense, with a subtle aroma of grains. Multiple rich flavors bloom in the taste buds, making it healthy and nutritious. Hot drinking partner, convey warmth to you The appearance is red and warm, the soft and sweet red beans with the warm milk tea are the best way to soothe the stomach in autumn and winter. The red beans are full of aroma, which can regulate basic bodily fluids. Internet famous topping, super easy to match This internet topping is recommended by Little Red Book, one of the well-known social media in China. Eat in a variety of ways, feel free to eat as you want. It is suitable for both hot and cold weather, and versatile in all seasons. It can be paired with milk tea, fruit tea, yogurt, desserts, etc. to add spice and chewiness. High speed production, really easy to use It is ready to eat after opening the bag, no cooking or processing is required, whether it is home DIY, bar chain, bakery, restaurant, etc.. It can be easily used and innovatively produced. Grain red beans, reveal acacia “The red beans grow in southern land, They would revive fondmemories.” The addition of red bean accessories enriches the taste, there is also a feeling of lovesickness behind it. The atmosphere and passionate sentiment of multiple consumption and drinking scenes. A wide range of application scenarios for you to choose from! From the perfect companion of hot milk tea in autumn and winter, to the refreshing fruit tea in the hot summer, to home DIY production of your own delicious food... Greenfresh can provide you with customized solutions for popping beads products, specifying product particle size, flavor and specifications. You can enjoy happy moments and a feast of taste anytime and anywhere.
          Oct 30, 2023
          tips Unique Filled Sauce We Have in Mid-Autumn Festival!
          Unique Filled Sauce We Have in Mid-Autumn Festival! As a traditional festival of the Chinese nation, the Mid-Autumn Festival is represented by reunion, missing, nostalgia. It is the day when the full moon casts the brightest moonlight. People often invite relatives and friends far away from home to enjoy the beautiful moon, drink wine, taste delicious food together. Comes as a fitting time, Greenfresh provides you with professional baking sauce solutions. Using sweet desserts to pass on deliciousness and missing, which can pass this emotion to the one you care about. Blackcurrant sauce bun The blackcurrant bun's sauce developed by Greenfresh has a refreshing taste and good mouthfeel. It adopts the perfect combination of blackcurrant jam and cream. The color of this blackcurrant sauce bun is berry red. Blackcurrant sauce heart has low water activity, tastes sweet but not greasy, and has multiple mouthfeels. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, give your heart with the blackcurrant sauce bun~ Filled Strawberry Jam Cake The sponge cake and filled jam combine to bring a new and different cake experience! The hydrocolloidal-filled strawberry jam, developed by Greenfresh, has a strong fruity aroma and is injected by cold working technique. It has good mouthfulness, when you taste it, you will feel refreshing but not greasy. The filled strawberry jam of this cake has a good moisturizing effect, which is not easy to age and harden. Whether it is a Mid-Autumn Festival gift or buying it for yourself, you can send the best wishes to the people you care no matter where and when! Bicolor donut cake This beautiful two-tone donut cake, you can have it now! The top of the sponge cake is the starch system surface decorative sauce of Greenfresh, which is injected into the bottom of the mold by hot processing technique. It has a jam with double texture. The shape is the collision of a sponge cake and a donut, coinciding with the image of the full moon. At the same time, it is a metaphor for family reunions. With a variety of tastes and surprises, Greenfresh waiting for your discovery! Braised cheese with rock bread The yellow braised cheese part is the starch system surface decorative sauce (hot process technique) developed by Greenfresh, which is fully integrated with the bread. The filling adopts the hydrophilic system of strawberry jam and coconut jam (cold processing technique). The product has a good moisturizing effect, and the sauce cannot age and harden easily. The taste of this braised cheese with rock bread is soft and refreshing, sweet but not greasy. The double combination of cold and hot working makes the bread unique sauce! We sincerely invite you to share this joy and happiness with us on this special day. Greenfresh always insists on providing customers with professional application solutions. Greenfresh has accumulated more than 20 years of technology, aside from providing high-quality products, Greenfresh also provides onsite technical support to our customers, from recipe to end products. We are always ready for you and continually provide full support!
          Sep 28, 2023
          tips Greenfresh Brings Diversified Solutions at Fi Asia
          Greenfresh Brings Diversified Solutions at Fi Asia fresh September 20-22, 2023 Exhibition place Booth NO.     In , all of ourfriends. 's elite team greets every customer with high enthusiasm and professional service  to     Greenfreshhas always been guided by customer needs, focusing on providing customers with professional customized solutions and exploring future development opportunities for new and old customers can . We have been injecting innovation into the industry, continuing to create customer value all of ourcustomers. Soft Candy Series Topping Series Canned Pet FoodSeries Ready to eat
          Sep 22, 2023
          tips September Exhibition Preview: Thailand and Mexico
          September Exhibition Preview: Thailand and Mexico     Green Fresh Group will participate in two exhibitions in Thailand and Mexico in September. We will showcase the latest products and application solutions to all customers and visitors. We sincerely welcome you to visit the exhibition. - 01 - Thailand FI ASIA Exhibition The "Fi" food ingredient series exhibition hosted by UBM is held every year in the three major food ingredient markets in Europe, Asia Pacific, and China. Asia International Food Ingredients Exhibition is one of the authoritative international brand exhibitions in the global food ingredients industry, and Thailand Bangkok Food Ingredients Exhibition (Fi Asia) is the most influential food ingredients exhibition in Southeast Asia. Founded in 1994, it has quickly emerged in the food ingredients market in Southeast Asia. The exhibition covers three themes: Natural Food Ingredients, Food Ingredients, Health Ingredients. It brings together worldwide raw material suppliers, distributors, food and beverage manufacturers at home and abroad. It provides a vast space for food products, raw materials, ingredients, supplies, food equipment, and other necessities of life. Exhibition time September 20-22, 2023 Exhibition place Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC), Bangkok, Thailand Booth NO. Soft Candy Series Food Technology Summit & Expo     The exhibition is hosted by Enfasis Alimentacion——a food specialist media in Argentina. Food Technology Summit & Expo in Mexico is a professional food technology exhibition in Latin America. Products for Food Technology Summit & Expo covers food additives, ingredients, production equipment, and related services. With the advantages of local media resources, Enfasis Alimentacion has created a dual platform for the Latin American food industry for domestic and foreign markets, attracting suppliers and traders worldwide to discuss cooperation and seek business opportunities. Highlight preview Soft Candy Series Jelly / Pudding Series Meat Product Exhibition time September 27-28, 2023 Exhibition place Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City, Mexico Booth Number 2616 More surprises More solutions Green Fresh Group will unlock with you on-site See you soon!
          Sep 12, 2023
          tips Big Center Filled Soft Candy, Various Styles You can Choose
              At present, big center-filled soft candy is a big trend for candy companies, which is deeply loved by men, women, and children. Its multiple textures, unique taste, novel style, bright colors, and high content of filled center and juice give people a new experience of soft candy. Therefore, in response to this market demand, Greenfresh provides customers with a big center-filled soft candy texture solution with a filled center content of up to 50%. Aerated soft candy with an ample filling     The white square coating skin is wrapped with a bright yellow inflatable big-filled center. The coating skin of the RC065/RS114 model is aerated. It is full of chewing feeling when tasting. No gelatin is added, and it will not be deformed when heated. The texture of the filled center is brittle. This type of soft candy has strong acid resistance and good flavor release, which can provide customers with a different novel experience. Burst-filled soft candy     RQ111 has chewy coating skin with burst liquid filling. The texture of RQ111 is multiple and brittle. Different mouthfeels have different layers, which leads to the fashion of soft candy and builds a wild variety of tastes. Peelable filled center soft candy     RS108 and RQ107 coating skin are added with shape-preserving and heat-resistance colloids, which are beneficial to storage and transportation. The filled center has strong acid resistance, and the texture is soft and elastic, similar to the taste of a grape. At the same time, it has a strong bionic feeling. The proportion of oversized filling can be as high as 50%, and the structure of this product is peelable. Peelable mango soft candy with an ample filling     RS108/RJ089 coating skin is added with shape-preserving and heat-resistance colloids, not easy to deform when heated. The filled center is easy to boil, accounting for 50%, and has strong acid resistance. The taste and texture of RS108/RJ089 is like mango flesh, brittle and bionic. The construction of peeling can bring a new soft candy world for you. Burst-filled salted egg yolk soft candy     The outer coating of RJ049/RJ054 is soft, creamy, and does not sticky to teeth. The filled center is the salted egg yolk flavor with bursting. The sweet and salty tastes collide warmly to form a different unique flavor; The taste of the outer coating of soft candy is highly compatible with the chocolate crispy skin, and it can be wrapped in chocolate to form multiple tastes.     GreenFresh launched a variety of products with cost-effective filled centers. We can provide you with customized solutions according to the diverse needs of customers. We are always ready for you and continually provide full support.
          Sep 05, 2023
          tips Fragrant Journey with Jelly Scrumptious
          ood  have launched innovative jelly products  aim to meet the consumers’ delicate touch and rich texture intertwined  gently or savor,  always perfect .s, unveilsfor jelly products. the culmination of  classics in jelly. a taste texturehas. Applying jelly product water retention general transparency , leading us back to that carefree time JKonjac jelly ighly sought after in recent yearscan not only satisfy our craving for sweets but also allow us Jelly GQ202. jelly with the numberGQ170. . kalways brings ranslucent ellytHighly translucent jelly is a new favorite that has rapidly become popular in recent yearsIt has a crystal clear appearance, as clear and transparent as crystal, which is giving people infinite temptationHighly translucent jellies are suitable for  models and are characterized by high transparency, hard and elastic taste, and general water retentionHighly translucent jellies suitable for  models are characterized by a soft and chewy texture, high transparency, good water retention, and a refreshing taste, which makes people take a bite after a biteHighly translucent jellies are an excellent choice for summer cooling, allowing you to enjoy coolness in the summer heat! Jelly with Melt-in-the-mouth Textureunique taste  is a special jelly that makes people feel the wonderful changes in foodelting in the mouth of the moment, as if fused with the soul , strong flavor reduce the risk of asphyxiationgood acid resistance,  meet the addition of various acidic juicesGS124applicationcontains, which is without and . When the melt-in-your-mouth jelly is , it will be like that has a . Let you uction AspirationJyfull of joy elly. It is . JGQ169has the compound is .Jelly with soft tastegood acid resistance protein axungeGX190characterized Bmple oThe jelly bar is shaped like a rainbowhether you have a sweet tooth or a sour taste, you can find one that suits your tasteGX129used inbar characterized by a chewy exture and ful style. It . your ellyin Diverse Looks Jelly in iverse ooks is a creative jelly that has emerged in recent yearswhich combines jelly with other ingredients to create a unique taste and styleThe in diverse looks under  invested  equipmentpromote food production factoriescatering, and DIY homemadeConsumers can match and create according to their personal preferences, and integrate different flavors, which can make people taste different delicious food! Jelly with  (o rotein) terilization combines delicious and healthyIt uses special  in the production process so that the jelly has a certain bactericidal effectApplying  for high-temperature sterilization soft and smooth taste Whether you pursuing  classic health, or fashion, the . We are always ready for you and continually provide full support.
          Aug 21, 2023

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